TechieLobang has New HDR Blog

I made a hard decision recently on to whether to set up another blog or use the existing blog for my HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography experiment.

So, finally, I decided to branch out TechieLobang with another blog. One on Technology and the other on HDR Photography. The HDR blog has a photography theme which I think is more suitable. Here is one of my work.

I upload the pics at higher resolutions without watermarks. At the same time, I upload my favorites to Flickr (All Rights Reserved). As mentioned, I am still experimenting HDR, so do share with me your opinion so that myself or the readers can improve.

Most of the pictures are taken with Canon S90 or Canon EOS 7D. Normally, HDR are taken with tripod. In my case, most of them are not. I rely on pillar, flat surface or fast shutter speed to compensate. I feel that sometimes, it is THAT moment to take certain pictures.

So, please support my HDR blog.


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