New Free Apps for LG Windows Phone 7 Devices

Today, I took a look at the LG Apps Store on my LG Windows Phone 7 device (Optimus 7) and got a nice surprise. Seems that LG is fulfilling its commitment made previously on getting good quality apps on the store.

So, what is new?

  • Cocktail Flow
  • Doodle God
  • Color Sprouts
  • envision for Basecamp
  • Krashlander
  • Colorize
  • Weave
  • Talking Ragdoll
  • Mobile Sommelier
  • Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube
  • Network Setup

I did not install all (yet) but I am already having fun with Weave, Colorize and Talking Ragdoll. So, if you have an LG WP7 device, go to Marketplace immediately.


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