Meizu M9 Launch Similar to Apple iPhone Craze – Video Within

At first glance, you would not have believe that this is Meizu M9 launch in China. The queue is amazing long. Meizu has always be linked to iPhone due to the similarity of the design (some call it a copycat).

They started with M8 and with their own OS. However, the latest M9 is actually using Android Froyo (Android 2.2), which may be the  reason why so many fans are in for it. Here is a pic that I posted previously.

Some fans have waited overnight for the launch and some as early as 6am in the morning. FYI, the pre-order price for this Meizu M9 is ¥2,499 / $379 for 8GB, and ¥2,699 / $409 for 16GB. Watch this video on the long queue.


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