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Fans of junaio can now enjoy eBay Classified on junaio. junaio is teaming up with eBay Classified to help smartphone users in US to discover local listings with junaio app for iPhone and Android phones. Video and Press Release after the break.

Watch this video on how it works.

Press Release

eBay Classifieds now on junaio

New Geo-Location Channel Allows Users to Discover Local Bargains

San Francisco, December 15th, 2010 – Today junaio announced it is teaming up with eBay Classifieds to help smartphone users in the U.S. discover local listings by simply scanning the area around them with their onboard camera. eBay Classifieds provides buyers and sellers a free, local marketplace to trade goods and services backed by industry-leading standards in trust and safety, customer service and user experience. Now, with junaio`s keyword and pinpoint geographic filtering, users can discover eBay Classifieds listings around them through an augmented reality viewer.

Looking for bargains in the vicinity?

The new junaio eBay Classifieds channel gives smartphone users an instant view of what items and services are available in their neighborhood. With the eBay Classifieds channel activated, users can discover listings near them simply by pointing the smartphone`s camera around them to see active listings pop up over the camera`s view. For example, when you point the camera at an apartment building, you will see eBay Classifieds listings for the apartments for rent in that building. Point the camera down you street to see items such as furniture, vehicles and even pets available for adoption right in your own neighborhood.

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As smartphones gain in popularity, people are coming to rely more and more on these devices for useful information through applications like junaio. “No other technology is better suited than augmented reality to display easy to access, location sensitive information to mobile users, especially on small screens. This is why we are very pleased to welcome eBay Classifieds on junaio. Hardly any data needs to be entered by users, their position and a single keyword are sufficient to lead them to available classified opportunities within easy reach”, says Peter Meier, CTO of metaio, junaio`s creators. “Location specific classified ads are very useful to our growing user community, and we hope to soon expand this service to other parts of the world.”

“eBay Classifieds is leading innovation in local mobile shopping applications,” says Jack Sheu, Head of Marketing for eBay Classifieds. “The addition of augmented reality technology through junaio only enhances the shopping experience helping users find what they want, wherever they are.”

junaio can be downloaded for free at the iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace. Once the app is launched, users can easily find the eBay Classifieds channel by typing “eBay” into the search field. Users can narrow the results by distance and keyword. Clicking on one of the displayed listings will lead to the object`s description, price, available images and the seller`s contact information. For convenience, users can also view listings on a map view of the area or in the form of a list.

To learn more please visit:

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Website: info.ebayclassifieds.com/mobile/junaio/

YouTube Video: www.youtube.com/watch

Image Gallery: www.flickr.com/photos/junaio/sets/72157625594151088/
About eBay Classifieds

eBay is the global leader in online classifieds and includes major brands: Bilbasen, Den Bla Avis, eBay Classifieds (eBay Annunci, eBay Anuncios, eBay Kleinanzeigen), Gumtree, Kijiji, Marktplaats and mobile.de. With a global presence in more than 20 countries and in more than 1,000 cities, the business unit has grown significantly since its inception in 2004. Its sites help connect people within a local community to find what they need and sell what they don`t – whether it`s a sofa, a car, a concert ticket, an apartment, a job, or a new pet.  eBay Classifieds seeks to create a free, simple and intuitive user experience by introducing innovative features such as mobile applications, content filters and industry-leading customer service backed by its parent company, eBay. Visit ebayclassifieds.com for more information.

About junaio

junaio is the world`s most advanced mobile Augmented Reality Browser and growing daily with interesting content relevant to a viewer`s location or triggered through images and objects the camera is pointing at. The unmatched ease of use, great choice of content and superior features make junaio everybody`s daily companion, an instant source of information about places, events, bargains or objects in the world around us. Features are:  location based services using onboard GPS and compass, highly accurate positioning, even inside buildings or exhibition sites, object recognition and natural feature tracking useful for scaling and integrating graphic overlays or 3D models into the real world. Two-way interaction between the user and the displayed AR overlays for gaming and other virtual experiences. And of course the full range of multimedia displays, including text, image, sound, video.

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junaio was created by metaio GmbH, the worldwide leader in Augmented Reality.