How to Find Wireless MAC Address on Windows Phone 7

OK, after relentless searching for answers, I have to turn to my techie friends for advise. The hard cold fact is that you are not able to get Wireless MAC (Media Access Control) Address on your Windows Phone 7. However, there is a way to do that.

Just to clarify, for those who don’t understand what I am talking about, probably you do not use this function on your router. Wireless MAC filter is another security features for your router. When enabled, you will need to key in a specified unique set of numbers (or ID) of your device in order to be able to connect to your router.

Here is an explanation of MAC Filter from Wikipedia

Normally, it is easy to find the MAC address on your computer or devices. However, it seems that Windows Phone 7 forbid or did not allow you to get this address so easily.

Here is how you can get it. BTW, I am using Linksys router as an example here. It defers from router brand but I guess the structure is the same.

  • Use a LAN cable to log on to your router home page. It should look something like this.

  • Next, go to Administration to ensure that LOG collection has been enabled.

  • This step is important. You will need to disable the MAC filter on your router first.

  • Save the settings on your router.
  • Now turn on the Wireless on your Windows Phone 7 and let it detect your router. Connect to it with your password (if your router is secured). You should be able to connect it now.
  • Next, go to your LOG on your router now and click on VIEW LOG. Scroll downs the list to let it display DHCP CLIENT LOG. You should see something like this.

  • That is it! That is your MAC address. Key the 12 digits into your Wireless MAC filter list and turn on your Wireless MAC Filter again. You should be able to connect to your wireless network now.

The reason I am desperately trying to find MAC address is because some software are too big and WP7 devices only allow it to be downloaded with WiFi connection or via computer.

Hope it helps. If you have a better idea, please shared. 🙂

Thanks to YKLee13 for the advise 🙂