HTC Desire Z First Look and Camera Function – Video Within

HTC Desire Z was launched together with HTC Desire HD on 7th October for the Singapore market. Here is a quick look at HTC Desire Z and its camera function.

As you may know, the HTC Desire Z has almost similar specs as the HTC Desire HD except that it has a slower processor, a lower RAM, a smaller display (3.7-inch), heavier, only 5 MegaPixel camera and with a keyboard. And yes, it does not have SRS Dolby Mobile.

The HTC Desire Z has a special Z hinge that allows the keyboard to be opened in the manner that allows typing to be easier. If you notice, for most slide out keyboard, the problem is typing on the first or topmost of the keyboard. Accessing them with long fingernails might be a problem. HTC has managed to use the Z hinge to solve that problem.

I have not have the chance to really use the keyboard. The keyboard has incorporated some shortcuts that I think is a good idea. For example the “@” key is at the top left corner. Some of the keys are also configurable as shortcuts.

Here are some pictures of the physical look.

The back

The back with the keyboard slide out.

Close up of the camera with flash.

The front with the touch sensor.

The bottom

I have done a video on the physical look of this phone. Take a look.

I tried the camera on this HTC Desire Z. Quite responsive. I am very impress with the filter function that HTC build in. Here is a video on the camera function.

Finally, I did a walkthrough (short one as this is not a review) on it.

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Overall, I think this phone is good for those who loves keyboard. From the way I look at it, it is more for business use. I don’t understand why HTC don’t want to keep the same specs as HTC Desire HD. HTC has done a great job on the capacitive touch screen. It is really smooth when scrolling the pages. Anyway, the hands on time is too short to comment much. The HTC Desire Z is one of the two phones (at this moment) to be supported by website. With HTCSense, you are able to backup your contact, locate your phone and even erase the content on the phone just with the website access.