HTC Desire HD First Look and Walkthrough – Video Within

This is my brief account with HTC Desire HD. It is the latest Android offering from HTC and so far, the best touch experience I have encounter for HTC phone. The capacitive touch screen is very responsive with no lag.

The HTC Desire HD has the a large (4.3-inch) capacitive screen. The biggest improvement on this phone that I can see immediately is of course:-

  • support
  • 8-MegaPixel Camera
  • Better capacitive screen experience
  • light weight
  • No need to turn off power when changing SIM card
  • Fast Power on
  • Better camera software
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 1.5 GB internal ROM, 768 Mb RAM (of course, the higher the better)
  • SRS Dolby Mobile

Of course, based on that 20 minutes of play, this post should not be a review. Rather, I call it the first look experience.

The Look

The battery opening is now on the side.

The bottom where the SIM and MicroSD card are housed.

When it is opened.

I did a short video on the physical look.

Next, I compared it with my HTD HD2. Notice that they look similar?

For the below pic, HTC Desire HD is on the left.

For below picture, HTC Desire on the bottom.

I did a video on the Power On/Off. One of the feature for HTC Desire HD is the fast boot up (5 secs). However, what you need to know is that there is a Power Off and a Restart function.

For Power Off, it seems to be like a Hibernate function. The phone is able to “wake up” almost immediately. As for the Restart, it actually power down and restarts itself. It took a longer time (about 35 seconds). Watch the video.

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I also did a video on scrolling through some menus. And checking out the torch app. Watch the video.

That is it. To summarize, I think HTC did a good job on the HTC Desire HD. However, given my short hands on, I am unable to check out the battery life. I am also not able to try out the navigation function. However, I did try out the camera when I think the filter functions are cool. I did a video on HTC Desire Z which I will show on another post.

In the meanwhile, you may want to read the Press Release or check out the features.