New Volvo Pedestrian Avoidance Test Failed in Demonstration – Video Within

Volvo did a demo in front of the media on their pedestrian avoidance system. However, things did not go well during the demonstration. It hit the back of the truck at full force. Watch the video.

It must have been a great shock to Volvo as they invited Media to showcase its technology. BTW, the vehicle is Volvo C60.

Here is the video.

Actually, they have another mishap a few months around, also involving the media. Apparently, they used the Safety Dummy, Bob, for the test. Out of 12 times, they did well for 9 times and the other 3 times, the Volvo V60 just did not stop.

From the report, it states that the Dummy may be at fault as the vehicle fails to recognize it.

Volvo executives were initially at a loss to explain the embarrassing mishap, but Jonas Pisell, manager of Volvo Active Safety Systems later said, “The failure of the test was due to the dummy not being set up properly, therefore it did not give an echo enough for the system. So the dummy was not relevant in this situation.”

Click Here to Watch the Video of Volvo V60 hitting Bob

I guess the technology is not mature yet. It may take years to perfect it for actual usage. Of course, the demonstration shown were the worst case scenario. It means that the driver totally depends on the system to brake.

I wonder in future, if the car knocked down a person, will the driver blame for the manufacturer for system defects?