New Apple iPod Nano First Look, Impressive – Video Within

Thanks to Apple for the invite, I am able to understand more on their latest range of iPod products. I am particularly impressed by iPod Nano. I am glad that Apple shaved off the size of the device and introduces capacitive touch screen to it.

The event was held at Marriot Singapore. It was just a few of us. I was very impressed by the fact that the capacitive screen works super well and the fact that with that small size, Apple still keep the 30-pin dock port.

Here are some more view of the iPod Nano.

The Top View

The Bottom View

The back view.

BTW, the iPod Nano is just 21.1 grams. One question was are we able to download apps to it. Of course the answer is NO. As you can see above, the iPod Nano comes with a clip. Some people already begin to use the iPod Nano as a watch. I am sure that many more designs will follow.

It seems that Apple has intention to make it as a clock or watch. In my video, you can see that the moment I turn on the screen, it shows a clock face.

This can be set in the settings to “wake up” in clock mode. Besides this, another app (pre-installed) is the Nike App. You can pair it with the Nike device and do your training. Because of its small size and ability to clip it on your clothing, it really makes sense.

When you play songs, you can swipe across the screen to perform some basic tasks. If the songs has lyrics, it can also be displayed.

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Here is another shot of the iPod Nano in its packaging.

It comes in 7 colors and for the 8GB, it costs S$228 and the 16GB at S$278.

Click Here to Apple iPod Nano site for More Details

and here is the video.