Philips Launches Online-only Comedy Show to Preview New Products – Video Within

Philips has taken a new approach in previewing their latest products. They have turned to online-only comedy to showcase their latest products.

Here is the first Episode.

You can watch the rest at the link below.

Here is the Press Release.



Philips is launching a new global online-only comedy series ‘Nigel and Victoria’ to preview a series of new lifestyle products that includes iPad accessories, a solar rechargeable power pack, and different types of headphones.

Launching today, the series follows the off screen romance between the sexy, gadget-crazy Victoria, who reviews Philips products in a very personal honest way; and Nigel, the loveable and very British, marketing manager from Philips who just can’t stop interfering. The show is a classic case of Boy meets Girl, Girl meets Boy. Boy loves Girl. Girl doesn’t love Boy. Boy embarks on endless ways to impress Girl. It is a love story told in three and a half minute episodes.

Shot in a mock-documentary style, each of the 8 weekly episodes will be distributed primarily through and available to watch on from September 6. The project began with 8 product reviews, each of which has their own behind the scenes episode that forms the basis of the series.

The dynamics between the reviewer, Victoria, and ‘the client’ Nigel on set provides an entertaining take on product reviews. The opening episode sees Nigel falling for Victoria. He’s never been on a shoot before and doesn’t understand ‘set etiquette’ so ends up interfering with the filming process. Nigel has his eye on Victoria but is nervous. She doesn’t even notice him until he starts to assert his position on set.

Nigel and Victoria was created by Philips and produced by online video production company Wenneker TV and comedy production company Hoot. The series is a first for Philips which aims to engage consumers with reviews about its products in fun, entertaining way.

Fans who wish to get closer to the characters are in luck. Throughout the series, Victoria will use her Twitter profile to provide commentary, news and updates. Follow Victoria on Twitter: @victoriareviews. Fans can also follow Nigel and Victoria on Facebook:

Gary Raucher, Vice President and Head of Integrated Communications, Philips Consumer Lifestyle said:

“Today’s online savvy consumers expect a brand to do more than simply push its products. Consumers want brands to engage with them in an open and credible way. They also want brands to make entertaining content that they can discover for themselves and share online. ‘Nigel and Victoria’ is a great example of this, and we hope the public embrace the show.”

‘Nigel and Victoria’ is the latest initiative from Philips to use entertaining content that engages and interacts with consumers. Earlier this year, the groundbreaking and award-winning Parallel Lines campaign produced cutting-edge films to showcase the cinematic capabilities of Philips TVs: unique Ambilight technology, award-winning picture quality and superior sound.

Ben Willbond, the British comedian and actor, whose credits include The Thick of it, Extras and Rev, takes the role of Nigel, and Victoria is played by Dutch actress Victoria Koblenko whose credits include Dead End, American Dreams (voted Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Festival) and horror movie Sl8n8.