Sharp 3D Camera First Look, Not a Phone – Video Within

At first, when I saw the Sharp 3D camera device, I thought it was a phone. The front buttons look like Android device. Upon closer inspection and talking to the Sharp people there, I realized that it was just a prototype and a proof of concept on the 3D camera.

This device has only the 3D camera function. All the buttons are dead. I was trying to go to main menu but was told that it can only show the camera function at this moment. No information on whether this device will make it to the market or not.

Even the description is very simple. Here are two more pics on it. BTW, you can see the actual effect immediately on the screen. And via Mini HDMI port, you can show it on the 3D TV (you will need 3D eyewear to see it).

And here is the video (some close up on the lens with lots of fingerprints).


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