Samsung Galaxy Tab First Look and Impression at IFA 2010 – Video Within

Finally, I got a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is a hot product at IFA 2010. Basically, every counter is filled. You will have to wait for your turn to touch it.

As you can see in the above pic, the Galaxy Tab is in the dock. Most of them are out of battery. So, do bare with me with the video (below) as some video looks weird due to the fact that I tilt the camera instead of the Galaxy Tab.

Here is another pic of the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the keyboard dock.

For those who are still “new” to Galaxy Tab, you can click the link below for related stuff like the specifications and etc.

Click Here to Check Out Information on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Actually, during this IFA, I have collected a couple of Tablets and I will compile them in a single post. However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one hot product that I need to elaborate.

To start off, the Galaxy Tab is very responsive. In fact, of all the tablets that I have touched, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best (my opinion). It is a compact built. Does not feel cheap with the material and I actually quite like it.

However, it does lose out in the camera department as it has only 3 MegaPixels camera. With its 7-inch form factor, I can actually use one hand to hold it comfortably.

The back of the Galaxy Tab is white, which I think is nice.

The only consolation with the 3 MegaPixel camera is that it comes with a flash. Although the screen is NOT AMOLED like the Galaxy S, it is quite bright (have not tried it under the sun) and the viewing angle is ok. (it is a WSVGA TFT Screen).

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Here is a comparison with my HTC HD2

It comes with SWYPE keyboard and I think it is good. Quite accurate with my one minute of trying. The reader is also good. With its 7-inch screen, it is quite comfortable to read newspaper, magazine or books on it. The battery life is supposed to be 7 hours.

Anyway, I was a little put off by the pricing.  According to the people there, it will cost you 799 Euro for a 16GB with 3G + WiFi. That is quite a big amount (my opinion) for a 7-inch Android tablet.

Here is a video that I have made. Hope you enjoy it.