Canon Teases with 4K with Multipurpose Video Camera – Video Within

Canon teases with a 4K (yes, 4K and that is about 4x more than current 1080p) camera that basically shoots still and video. I guess Canon is working towards this Wonder Camera concept.

What you have seen above is a prototype and based on Engadget’s report, it will not be made available in future. However, I see the future of 4k videography and using every fame as a shot.

So in future, there will be no such thing as framing? Every video frame that you take can be used as a picture.

BTW, this camera shoots at 4k at 60fps with a 8-MegaPixels 2/3 CMOS Sensor and has a high-def flip-out LCD viewfinder. Here is a short video of it.