iPad Data Plan Comparison for Singtel, M1 and Starhub

The iPad data plan for all 3 Telcos in Singapore are out. Now, which one is the best value for money? I have made a comparison a day ago on Singtel and M1. However, when I looked at Singtel iPad Data Plan today, it had already changed. More about that later.

Based on the 3 telcos iPad Data plan, only M1 do not have package for mobile modem. However, I am sure it will change or not. For example, Singtel previously showed clearly there is free modem with one of their package. However, it was changed to a simpler table with just monthly subscription. But in their FAQ, you can see that 24 months contract still exist. So, I am suspecting that all telcos will have 24 months contract since there is no reason NOT to have one as all the plans are riding on currently mobile broadband plan except that they now provide MicroSIM instead of standard SIM.

You may want to ask them individually. I am NOT representing any of the Telcos here. The reason for me doing this table is for my personal understanding of the best plan. I am also thinking of getting the iPad 🙂 .

Back to Singtel, this was captured on 21st July 2010.

This is captured today on 23rd July 2010

Seems like the 24 months contract was omitted. However in their FAQ, they have the penalty for failing to complete 2 years contract.

Therefore, I have to update my comparison chart since I am not sure with a few details like data capped, 2 years contract pricing without mobile modem and with mobile modem. I am quite sure that they will change again.

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Comparison Table of Singtel, M1 and Starhub iPad Plan (updated: 24rd July 08:00pm)




Post Paid Plan No contract 24 mths contract 24 mths contract No contract (Lite) No Contract (Unlimited) No Contract 24 mths contract
Monthly Subscription SGD 34.50 SGD 30.50 SGD 36.50 SGD 21.40 SGD 39.48 SGD 36.68 SGD 43.66
Data Bundle 50GB 50GB 50GB 3GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Download Speed 7.2 Mbps 7.2 Mbps 7.2 Mbps 7.2 Mbps 7.2 Mbps 7.2 Mbps 7.2 Mbps
Upload Speed 1.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps 2 Mbps 2 Mbps 1.9 Mbps 1.9 Mbps
Max Data Capped SGD 94.16
SGD 94.16 SGD 94.16 SGD 51.36
MicroSIM Card SGD 13.38 (waived) SGD 13.38 (waived) SGD 19.26 (one time)? SGD 19.26 (one time)? SGD 10.70 (one time) SGD 10.70 (one time)
MicroSIM Adaptor NO NO YES Not mentioned Not mentioned Not Mentioned Not Mentioned
One Time Charge SGD 13.38 (waived when signed up online) NO SGD 37.45 (waived)
SGD 37.45 SGD 37.45

Again, I have to stress that it may be inaccurate. If you spot a mistake, do let me know. Some terms are used differently for individual telco. I try (as much as possible) to use simple terms to generalize them.

Which one will you choose?

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