Men Can Now Whiten Their Facebook Profile Picture with Vaseline Face Whitening App

If you think your profile picture on Facebook seems too dark, this new Vaseline Face Be Prepared App may be for you. It whitens and enhances your picture. Read on for my first hand experience 🙂 .

Well, it seems that this app is targeted at India. According to a report I read (with reference to this app), it says,

“a poll of nearly 12,000 people by online dating site, revealed that skin tone was considered the most important criteria when choosing a partner in three northern Indian states,”

So, with this app, it “helps” to enhance the look of you by doing the  following to your picture (It is in the term and condition). Wish this could be done in real life (vain).

This application has been developed to demonstrate to the viewers the benefits of the product Vaseline Men Antispots Whitening face cream which claims to visibly lighten skin and is designed to reduce 5 types of dark spots.
a.Sun Spots
b.Acne Spots
c.Pimple Marks
e.Dark Patches

So, naturally, I gave it a try. Just upload your picture and follow the instruction.

BTW, they say no side profile but I can’t find a (nice) picture of myself with front facing (I hate taking pictures of myself). Here is the results.

The picture looks sharper (Sharpened) and the contrast seems higher. I guess it depends on the original pic. Anyway, do give it a try. Have fun with it.

Just to take note. It will save the picture to your profile album. Nevertheless, you will need to approve it before it can appear. So, you still have the control. Don’t like it? Delete it away.

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Click Here to the Vaseline Men Be Prepared Page