Google Open Spot Lets You Find and Share Parking Lot

Google has come up with an Android app that lets you find and share parking lot. After reading through, I wonder if this can work in Singapore or not.

BTW, before you start googling and downloading the app, it is only available in US, Canada and Netherlands and requires Android 2.0 or higher.

Excerpt from Google,

Open Spot works by letting people who are leaving parking spots share their spots with people who are searching for parking.

In other words, you leave a “mark” when you leave your parking spot (for up to 20 minutes) and for those searching for parking spot will be able to detect your “mark” and get the parking spot.

However, you will need more people to use this software for it to work effectively.

Click Here to Google Open Spot Website

In Singapore, most of our carparks are inside buildings. I wonder if this can work or not. Moreover, most carparks have sensors now to detect empty slots, plus we have many sign boards telling us how many spots are available in carparks (for town area).