Wonder Girls Music Showcase by Sony Ericsson

Attended the Wonder Girls Music Showcase, brought to us by Sony Ericsson. I had two tickets and finally decided to give up the 2nd ticket to anyone who comment on my fanpage. Anyway, went to the Showcase with Zane. Here is the ticket.

As we were given the media pass (actually, it is a green wrist band), the entrance was difference from the rest.

However, to our disappointment, we were ushered to the same area as the fans. The place was super crowded and there is no way to take any pictures, even with out zoom lens. Finally, took the decision to enter the “media” platform and was able to take those pics. As the platform was very far away from the stage, all my pictures were not close ups. Another let down.

The event started with Jamie Yeo warming us up with games.

Three person were selected to dance with the tune of Wonder Girls.

With the “training” from the Wonder Girls video, they let themselves loose to dance with the tune.

Guess what, the guy won.

Finally, they appear. The Wonder Girls are finally on stage. Look at the crowd with their cameras.

The girls: Lim Sunye (Sun), Ye-eun (Yenny), Sohee, Yoobin (Yubin), Hye-rim (Lim)

Jamie asked them several questions, example, what are the things they like about Singapore. The answers range from Shopping, eating chili crabs, visiting the Wave House to Night Safari.

They were asked on the meaning of their latest album, 2 Different Tears. They mentioned that 1 tear is tear of joy and the other is tear of sadness. All related to love..

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Next, a reward ceremony for the 3 successful bidders of the charity auction.

This guy is clever. He hugged everyone of them 🙂 .

A thank you gift for the Wonder Girls.

Finally, the showcase is about to begin. Jamie gave out some more prizes while the Wonder Girls get ready. I shall not bore you with my words. Enjoy the pics.

That is it for now. I have some more pics. Will upload to my fanpage on facebook. Hope you like it.