Samsung Thinks Galaxy S AMOLED is “Better” Than iPhone 4 IPS Retina Display

When Apple announces iPhone 4, we learned  a new industry term (if that is an industry term), Retina Display. I remembered when iPad was announced, everyone is searching for IPS. On iPhone 4, it has retina display and IPS screen and Steve Jobs made a claim that it is one of the best display around. I guess, Samsung thinks otherwise.

This picture is from Engadget. It is interesting as it shows a little * at the bottom to depict that this is what Samsung thinks.

According to Samsung, in terms of battery consumption, the iPhone 4 consumes 30 percent more power than the AMOLED on Galaxy S.

In terms of display quality, iPhone 4 retina display may have 3 to 5 percent advantage. Overall, this is how Samsung sums up the two display.

.. structurally, IPS LCD technology cannot catch up with AM-OLED display technology.

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