Another Death at Foxconn Makes it the 12th Suicide this Year

Someone jumped at Foxconn again. If you have read this, you will realize that it is the 12th suicide this year (barely 6 months) and Foxconn President Guo Tai-Ming (or Terry Gou) is in damage control.

Just a day ago, he was showing the media the living conditions at Foxconn China. He relates those suicide incidents as boy-girl relationships matter.

Here is a picture of Terry Guo bowing in regards to the recent incidents.

On the same night, another 19-year old male jumped again, making it the 12th suicide in Foxconn, even though Foxconn has made public a letter that is definitely related to these incidents.

.. stating that the company would pay no more than legal minimum wage for “injuries sustained outside the workplace”.

However, they took back this letter saying that the language is inappropriate.

The letter, which was made public early this morning, caused Chairman of Hon Hai to say they were “taking it back” as the language was inappropriate.

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Do you think that the condition and treatment of the workers in Foxconn is the cause of these suicides? Do you think that stopping production of Apple products like iPhone  or iPad will help? (I think people will go jobless because of that)