Sony Walkman Event at Orchard Central

Was invited by Sony Singapore for their launch of Sony Walkman NWZ-W252. NWZ-W252 is a water resistant Walkman. It is the upgraded version of its previous model. The event was a short one and every attendee walks away with one of them.

The event was held at Geláre at Orchard Central. It is conveniently next to Sony Style showroom. Here are Bloggers Justin, Jacelyn and Hisham reading up the Press Release before the event starts.

This is the close up of NWZ-W252. It is water resistant but NOT water proof. Don’t go diving with it.

You can read the specs here.

The host for the night is Oli Pettigrew, who is a familiar face for Sony products.

We were given a treat of rollerbladers showing off how Sony Walkman can be used in sports and can withstand water during sporting events.

We were asked to put on our Sony Walkman and dance with the music. Oli will choose the 5 best dancers and asked them questions. Winners walked away with a Sony headset. Here are some shots of us putting on the Walkman.

And Justin listening to the preloaded music.

Next, they performed the water test to prove that this Sony Walkman is really water resistant.

Dipping it into the water.

If you think that this is not enough to proof, Sony has built a simple “water showering” showcase to proof the point on NWZ-NW252 water resistant feature.

I will be reviewing this Walkman. In the meanwhile, here is a short clip that I compiled on the event.