Why Apple Always Display the Time 9:41 on Their Products

I really admire Apple’s details to everything. Everything so tiny that not many will notice and yet they will go about doing it. So, what is so tiny a detail that many people left out? The TIME. Look at their products image, everyone that can show time will show similar timing of 9:41 or 9:42 am. Why?

According to FastCompany.com, they mentioned that Apple Keynote organizers think everything up to the minute details. For example, according to them, Steve Jobs or Phil Schiller or whoever who spend about 40 minutes on stage talking about the product and then they will reveal it.

So, to play safe, they added a few more minutes to the images and viola, you will see all their products with the similar timing. BTW, iPhone has 9:42 am in their images (I checked).

This is one of the reason that Apple is so successful in every launch and in their marketing effort.

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