HTC HD Mini Review – Walkthrough – Video Within

I have returned the HTC HD Mini already. This video was taken 2 days ago. In this video, I have a short walkthrough on the HTC HD Mini Sense UI and also check out the camera and video function.

Here is the video.

I could not get the Internet browser to work. It is not the connection issue. I did not do a factory reset as I do not have much time. During the walkthrough, I could see that there are some cosmetic differences on the HD Mini as compared to HTC HD2. However, they are minor.

One of the major differences is that when I rotate the screen (to horizontal) at the gallery tab, the pictures did not rotate. I actually miss this function as it is a quick way to browse through your collections of photographs.

The camera and video functions are quite standard. They are not the best quality but ok for basic usage. The only lacking here is the flash. It has no flash on this HTC HD Mini.

Anyway, it is a small phone to carry in your pocket. For people who loves the HTC HD2 functions but hated the size, this may be an option for you.


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