No Multi-Tasking and “Copy & Paste” Function for Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft, are you serious! Are we going back to the moment when iPhone was announced and we realized that it cannot perform cut & paste and it also cannot multi-task. Now, we are hearing these all over again from Microsoft. Microsoft must have forgotten that some people (like me) choose Microsoft as it can multi-task and able to do basic function like cut and paste.

Windows Phone 7 Series started with a good start, from the initial announcement, to the MIX10 demo. All indicated that the Windows Phone 7 has an edge over its competitors. However, as we probed further, “flaws” appear.

We were told that Marketplace will ONLY be the place for you to install software. Then, we were told that in order to “save battery”, there will be no multi-tasking (replaced by Push notification?) and the final draw is that there will be no “Copy & Paste” function (hopefully, just for the initial launch).

Microsoft, why are we moving backwards, while your competitors are moving full speed ahead?


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