Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts, What is Your Ideal Phone?

Since MWC has begun and with the announcement of the Windows Phone 7 Series, lets take a look at future cell phones concept. Which is your favorite? What phone functions do you wish you have it now?

For me, I would like my phone to be everything (basic phone call, ebook reader, camera, video camera, scanner for barcode or 2D matrix code, projector and etc).

Of course, it has to be small, thin, light weight, screen size to be expandable when needed, flexible (flexi screen), wearable and solar, wind, fuel cell, dynamo style charging.

The phone must also have sensors to detect the environment, a transferable OS that you can bring to the next phone with all your data. It can perform complex work with cloud computing technology.

It should have AI (Artificial Intelligence) to recommend things for you. Augmented Reality should be a standard feature for such phone.

Finally, there should be a worldwide data plan. So, where ever you go or which countries you visit, you should have affordable data plan.

Am I asking too much? I think NOT as this should be possible soon.

There a few more.

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So, what is your favorite or ideal phone of the future?