Sony’s “make.believe” Can Turn Your Dream Into Reality, Are You Ready?

I have been a Sony fan for a long time. I have owned various Sony products and they have never failed me. I remembered vividly that how I wish Sony could make a DSLR camera and as you can guess, you have the Sony Alpha range of DSLR.

Recently Sony launches its new branding message, make.believe. It sounds so simple that many failed to look beyond them. In fact, these two words, make.believe, actually symbolize the spirit of Sony.

Now, the good news. Sony can let you realize your dream in their “Dot Your Dream with Sony” contest. Grand prize is Sony sponsorship up to S$100,000. Details after the break.

Sony has a very unique explanation of their “make.believe” [make-dot-believe] branding. You will see in the picture below why each word and the dot are so important.

As you can see, make.believe stands for the power of Sony’s creativity, ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything you can imagine, you can make real.

make.believe unites designers and engineers, hardware and software, electronics and entertainment, and Sony and consumers.
Now comes the dot. The dot in make.believe symbolizes the place where great things begin. It is where inspiration meets creativity, where creativity meets reality.

So in summary, make.believe means:-

  • make = action, do, build and design
  • believe = spirit, think, imagine and dream

Here is my take on my “make.believe“.

Long, long time ago, I got a “leak” information that the future phone will have a camera. I laughed at the idea, thinking how could we build a camera onto a phone? At that time, there wasn’t even colored display.

However, the camera phone becomes a reality and I am sure almost everyone is holding one now.

BTW, it is a true story and it incorporates the make.believe essence into it. Dreaming about it, designing it and building it and this camera phone dream becomes a reality.

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Here is a chance that Sony can help you to fulfill your dream.


I know you will be interested in this part.

Share your dreams and aspirations with everyone. There are 4 themes that you can enter: –

  1. .music
  2. .movie
  3. .game
  4. .tech

Just unleash your wildest imagination, ideas, dreams, aspirations and submit your entry.  Winners of this contest will get $100,000 worth of sponsorship from Sony to realize his/her dream.

And if you are a football fan and a photographer, there is another contest that you can enter. The contest theme is “dot your moment“.

Capture the wonderful events in your life (first born, celebrations and etc) and you may be one of the 8 winners to go to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South African as Fan photographers.

Are you ready?! Click the below link to realize your dream!

BTW, I would love to hear your dreams. I have shared two with you. I hope to hear yours too!  Just put your comments in this post. It will be interesting. 🙂