Real Sausage Used as Stylus for iPhone Capacitive Screen

For those who are using mobile device with capacitive screen, you should know that you cannot use a normal stylus and the current capacitive stylus in the market is either too expensive or not appealing. Now, it seems that Koreans have better idea in solving this problem. And the best part is that if you don’t like it, you can just eat it.

Engadget named it the MeatStylus. These innovative South Koreans use the sausages from CJ Corporation as a substitute for a Capacitive Stylus. Apparently snack sausages are electrostatically compatible with the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen. In cold countries, it is impossible to use your finger to scroll without getting frostbite. And using gloves to broare also not a great favorite. So, these sausages really outdone themselves with this secondary purpose.

I wonder if it will work on other capacitive devices?

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