Rumors of Windows Phone 7 Surfaced, Zune-like UI with NO Multi-tasking

The title of this post actually speaks for itself on the rumors heard on Windows Mobile 7 (which now they called it Windows Phone 7). First of all, the good news is that the UI will be Zune-like, which translates to better UI. The bad news (which I seriously have doubts) is that there will be NO MULTI-TASKING!

What is happening? How can Microsoft leave out the Multi-tasking (if the rumor is true)? The only reason many still enjoyed using the Windows Mobile is the multi-tasking. I hope the rumor is inaccurate for this case.

However, sad to say that 2 different sources (PPCGeeks and MobileTechWorld) have gotten similar rumors. Hopefully, the rumor comes from the same source.

An excerpt from Gizmodo who summarized the rumors,

The UI goes by the codename Metro and is heavily influenced by that of the Zune HD. The interface has been described as “clean,” “soulful,” and “alive,” and offers a fully reimagined Start page. Third party UIs like HTC’s Sense will no longer be supported. Windows Phone 7 will ditch Windows Mobile Device Center in favor of Zune’s syncing software, and will offer integration with social media networks, Zune devices, and Xboxes, including friends, gamer tags, achievements and the like.

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