HTC HD2 Glass Can Crack

Be warned, this is a horrible sight! Although the HTC HD2 surface can withstand scratches from penknife, keys and etc, it can still break it glass. This picture is a reminder for HTC HD2 owner.


No, this is not my HTC HD2.

In the XDA forum, user, overloaded, mentioned that he dropped the HTC HD2 on a pavement and it cracked. However, amazing, the touch screen function and the LCD is still working fine.

Now, I am worried. Any good recommendation for casing?

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  • DK

    Don’t need casing lah. Just don’t drop can liao. 🙂

  • HTC Fan

    Will the invisible shield help?

  • Fu Chen
  • Hi, HTC Fan,

    I think the Invisible shield can hold the pieces of glass intact but I don’t think it can prevent it from breaking.


    it must hv been a high impact fall (on the pavement ), so i guess most phones wld not be able to survive tt too. But im amazed everything else is still running. Side note: the invisible shield is gd on black phones. Due to my line of work, my hands are exposed to some ‘liquids/chemicals’. Overtime, the shield on my touchpro2 turned yellow.

  • remy

    i jus bought one also and mine looks the same way still functions just fine. and it just fell out of my lap when i got out of the car. im also looking into finding somethin that can prevent this.. the best bet may be to get that leather case that covers the screen.

  • HTCHD2Owner

    It also overcame with my HD2, dropped out of my jacket, on the pavement, a major scratch, and a crack with small pieces of the glass that came out, but still worked fine, so a tip for every HD2 owner, keep it in it’s protection sacket what came with the HD2 to prevent it from falling and eventually getting f***ed up, thank god i got it with insurance so i didn’t have to pay the repair costs