Starhub Mobile Modem Test: Huawei E170 and E1750 Fight!

After some test on my Huawei E170 modem and advises from Starhub, I thought that my Starhub Huawei E170 Mobile Modem is already optimum and the speed is due to 3G connection.

I was totally wrong!

My friend just got hold of the new E1750 modem with Starhub, using the same 7.2Mb broadband plan. So, I tested out the speed using the same environment (different laptop, same model), IE8 and same website.


The picture above is the Starhub Huawei Modem E1750.

These are the results from website. I was shocked at the differences!

E170 (Test time: 2:15pm)

Download Speed: 1895 kbps

Upload Speed: 851 kbps


This is the result from E1750. (Shocked!)

E1750 (Test time: 2:00pm)

Download: 3833 kpbs

Upload: 1689 kpbs


And here are the screen shots of the Statistics information.


Max: 275 kb/s


Here is the results for E1750


Max: 2100 kbps (or approx. 262 kb/s)



Seriously, I can only think of hardware, software and (SIM card?) that is the cause. I have checked the settings on E1750. They have the same settings as my E170.

So, if you have any idea what could be wrong, please let me know. The differences in download and upload speed is almost 2 times!


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