Google Image Swirl Groups Your Images and Determines The Best Fit

Google Labs has come up with a new search criteria which clusters your search into groups and each group will again cluster into another group. This made the image search more accurate (in my opinion). If you find Google Image Search is fun, this will be even more fun.


For example, in the search of Merlion, it showed 12 groups.


And if you visit Singapore, the prominent Merlion are at Marina and Sentosa. In the search group, you can see both. Clicking on any one of them will turn it into a swirl with many subsets.


This tools will be great if you are finding something that has similar names with others. For me, it is fun playing with it. As mentioned, it is just in infancy at Google Labs. And according to Google, it has only 200,000 search queries. More will be added.

Click Here to Read all About Google Image Swirl

Here is a screenshot of the search page.


Click Here to Google Image Swirl Search


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