Google Maps Navigation Hacked onto HTC G1/Dream Android Phone – Video Within

Since Google’s announcement of its own Navigation software a few weeks ago, it has created a lot of interest. One of the reasons, I think, is because current Map Navigation Software on the Market is NOT free. Google Maps Navigation (Beta) is free and has a list of features that will make those Navigation Map company rethink their strategy.

Today, Engadget reported that someone fromΒ  XDA forum has managed to make it work on the G1 Android. So, what is the big deal?


According to Google, this software can only work on Android 2.0 (Eclair) OS. Currently, only Motorola Droid has this Android 2.0 OS. As expected, XDA forum started to “poke” around and finally, they managed to get it working. However, don’t expect it to be a plug and play kind of solution.

Click Here to Read the Thread at XDA Forum

Here is a list of features on Google Maps Navigation software.

  • Search in plain English
  • Search by voice
  • Traffic view
  • Search along route
  • Satellite view
  • Street View
  • Car dock mode

Here is a video to demo Google Maps Navigation.

The only setback I can think of is that it uses data streaming to show the information. If your downloading speed is slow, it will definitely be a problem. And if you are on overseas trip, you can forget about using this software as the data charge will be super high (unless you don’t mind, of course πŸ™‚ ).

Click Here to Google Maps Navigation Website