Acer neoTouch Review – Unboxing – Video Within

Just got my neoTouch Review set a few days ago. Finally got the time to unbox it. For those who are unfamiliar with Acer neoTouch, click this link to know more about it. This is the first batch of mobile phone from Acer that comes with Windows Mobile 6.5. It has a powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Video of unboxing and more details pictures of the phone after the break.


The Acer neoTouch has a 3.8-inch screen.


And on the back, it has a 5 MegaPixels camera with LED Flash.


Here is a close up of the 5 MP camera (I have not removed the protective layer yet).


At the top and bottom, you can find the 3.5mm earpiece jack and mini-USB port (and a reset button) respectively.


At the side, it has the power on switch and on the other side, it has the volume up/down and camera shutter buttons. Quite standard, in my opinion.


Once you open up, you can see that it is quite beautifully made.


Here is another shot with the battery.


Close up of the battery.



The only complain is that to open the back cover is very, very difficult. Ladies with manicured nails, please DO NOT TRY AT ALL! I see that it is the design that causes it to be so difficult to open. Basically, you have to pry to open it. There is no other way. If you have a better way, let me know.

A close up of the camera without the cover.


And a close up of the SIM card and MicroSD card slot.

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Here is the back cover. Notice that the stylus is with this back cover.


If you notice, the stylus is next to the camera lens. That means that the chances of you touching and dirtying the lens is much higher when you remove the stylus. Acer should have paid more attention to this.


Here is a short unboxing video. Enjoy..