Twivert is Here! Start Earning from Twitter!

Twitter is finally gettting twitterers to get paid and advertisers to reach out to the vast community of Twitter. Today, I signed up with Twivert. I don’t know what I will be getting at but it is new. Why not give it a try?

Make money on twitter
BTW, the above image is the link that I could earn money šŸ™‚ if you click. Haha. Anyway, I will be monitoring my own tweets. It seems that it will send out Tweets for you with some advertising information. I wonder how annoying it will be.

If it is too much, let me know, ok?

For now, you can sign up as an advertiser or just earn with Twivert.

Click Here to Earn from Twivert

or if you want to reach the Twitter Community with your products,

Click Here to sign up as an Advertiser


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