Microsoft Windows 7 Pricing in Singapore Out!

For those waiting patiently for the official launch of Microsoft Windows 7, the wait  is finally over. Windows 7 is now officially launched in Singapore and we have the pricing via DK. More information after the break.


Here are the Singapore pricing.

Full Install Prices

  • Windows 7 Home Premium – SG$359
  • Windows 7 Professional – SG$529
  • Windows 7 Ultimate – SG$549

Upgrade Prices

  • Windows 7 Home Premium – SG$219
  • Windows 7 Professional – SG$359
  • Windows 7 Ultimate – SG$379

And here is the difference between the various versions.


Click Here to Check Out the Comparison and More Information about Windows 7

So, will you change to Windows 7. For me, I will wait. I have seen and hear all the good things about Windows 7. However, many of the software are not yet tested by consumers. That is when feedback will come in and we will be able to judge properly. But please, do not let my opinion stops you from upgrading or buying Windows 7. Generally, I am a safe person. 🙂


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