Play Battlefield Command, Singapore New 3G SAF Game Console – Video Within

I don’t which Army in the world will let you play Commando or use their latest equipment to wipe out the “enemy”. In Singapore, you can actually do. Playing Battfield Command, you can be part of the Land, Air and Sea forces that forms the 3G SAF (3rd Generation Singapore Arm Forces). This exhibit is at Singapore Discovery Centre. Video after the break.


In this game, you can become a soldier, a pilot or a tankee. 3 members can play the game simultaneously and the main purpose of this game is to show that with the integration of Land, Air and Sea forces, battle can be effectively executed.

Defence Minister, Mr Teo Chee Hean, who officiated the launch on Friday, said the game is ‘a simulation of network-centric warfare and aims to demonstrate the networked capabilities of the Third Generation SAF’.

Here is the video from Razor TV

Click Here to see How our Singapore Defence Minister fare in this game


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