Rumor: HTC Touch HD2 to Come in Google Android OS

Rumors are spreading again on HTC handset. This time, we are looking at a older model, the HTC Touch HD. Sources mentioned that there will be an update on this model and it will come with Google Android OS as opposed to the original Windows Mobile OS. And the new update handset may be called HTC Touch HD2 or HD 2.


BTW, this is a rendered picture that shows HTC Sense on the HTC Touch HD. According to HTC in the recent HTC Hero launch, HTC will be adopting HTC Sense on their newer Android handsets. This includes a free upgrade of the HTC Magic with Sense capability in November 2009 in the HTC Hero press release.

According to the source, the new HTC Touch HD2 may have a higher speed processor, 628MHz (current HD is 528MHz) and also, includes the HTC Sense.

I am wondering if this is true, then it will definitely be a multi-touch capacitive touch screen. What do you think?

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