YikeBike, The Future of Urban Green Transport – Video Within

YikeBike seems to be the answer of problems in urban commuting. This single wheel design is stylist and electrically powered. It is green and can be charged full in 30 minutes. It is extremely compact and lightweight. I can bet that if this YikeBike is not so expensive, it will definitely be a hit in urban cities where traffic jam is common. Video after the break.


Watch this video at the pre-launch. There is a commercial on the YikeBike but I thought this video can show you how a new user can ride the YikeBike without much training.

The price is very steep at over US$5,500. However, if you compare it with Segway, YikeBike is much more convenient to store and to keep it during train or bus ride. The concept is called mini-farthing (Mini Far Thing?). Anyway, this term will be used more often in future (I predict 🙂 ).


There will be no worries about thief as you can carry it anywhere you go with the stylist bag. It has also some features that Segway do not have.

For example, in Singapore, our policy does not allow Segway on the road due to the fact that it has no physical brake. With the YikeBike, it has a brake, acceleration, brake lights, front lights and etc that I think will make a better choice for urban commuting.

This YikeBike can travel up to 9km (approximate) at one charge and its maximum speed is 20km/hr. It is ready for pre-order and will be delivered in 2010. What do you think?

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