Search for Your Nearest H1N1 Pandemic Preparedness Clinics (PPC)

Just a while ago, got my first taste of false alarm on H1N1. Of course, Internet is the first place to search for answers. I know that Singapore has already gotten 450 clinics ready for H1N1. However, to list out 450 of them is a bit unrealistic. So, Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) has made a webpage (or search engine) on Street Directory that you can easily find out the clinics near you (in Singapore only). BTW, Singapore has already hit the 1000 cases mark (and growing) and the local transmission is already higher than the imported cases.


It is very useful as you can locate the nearest clinics by postal code (most convenient) or your address. Or if you want to search by region, it can also do that.

So, remember, if you suspect yourself to have H1N1, please consult the doctors from these clinics as they are already trained to handle H1N1 cases. Click below to check out the clinics near you.


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