Starhub E8120 (21Mbps Trial) HSPA+ USB Slider Review – Connectivity

It is my first day outside the house with the Starhub 21Mbps HSPA+ USB Slider. Does it live up to the expectation? Read on.


I am using a Asus EeePC 1000HE for this test. Don’t expect too much from this little netbook. For the record, playing Youtube in HD is a NO, NO (jerky all the way).

Now, first test.

Location: Vivocity, Starbucks Cafe
Time: around 10:40PM
Date: Saturday night (27th June 2009)


Connection is easy. No problem at first.


However, after 15 minutes, noticed that Youtube stop loading and all my MSN, SKYPE are disconnected. Starhub modem still shows connected.


Without unplugging, disconnect and connect again. Could not complete task. Always shows connecting.

Decided to unplug E8120. Note that there are 3 “hardware” you need to unplug. First the 3G modem. Then the storage on this modem and finally, the slot card on this modem.


Anyway, after unplugging and plugging E8120 back, there seems to be no problem.


Too early to conclude and it can be multiple factors like the signal strength at Vivocity, the netbook issue (if any) and others.

Will continue to test.


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