Spickmich Wins Battle to Rate Teachers

A teacher loses a battle to close down this site, Spickmich.de. What is interesting about this site is that it allows students to rank their teacher from “competence” to “coolness”. And guess what, this teacher got a low ranking.


BTW, Spickmich means Checktmeout (loose translation). The courts rejected the claim that this site violated the teachers’ privacy rights. The courts ruled that the students has the rights to communicate freely and exchange opinions.

This site is in German and I think you need to register to see the ranking. I wonder if there are any other sites with such “information” on the teachers. So, teachers, beware..

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From Straits Times,

The website allows students to turn the tables on teachers by grading them in categories including ‘cool and funny”, ‘popular”, ‘motivated”, ‘relaxed’ and ‘teaches well’.

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