CommunicAsia 2009: LG Booth Highlights – Video Within

LG Booth, in my opinion, is one of the friendliest booth around. It has many people to answer your questions and you can snap away happily with your camera (some booths will stop you and I don’t understand why).

While many people rushed to the LG GD900 Crystal to get a hands on, I chose to go to somewhere less crowded 🙂 . But of course, that doesn’t mean that it is not interesting. I am surprised that few people would take a second look at it (except us, DK and eRic).


LG has a interesting corner where they heavily promote their latest S-Class User Interface. Most of the new phones have this user interface.


Here is one of the highlight of the gesture that is built into the phone.


Anyway, as there are many people trying out the GD900 Crystal, we kept our busy with this tiny phone.


There is no specs of it and the ladies told us that it will be launching this year end but no mention of where. Anyway, this phone is cool! It is a touch screen and comes in many design.





We were lucky that one of the unit still has battery and was given a short demo. What I like about this phone is that it has a few screen display for different needs. One of them is as below.


And if you think that is cool, there is still more. It can also do Video Call!


Here is the few views of the phone.



The back has a charger port for charging the battery.

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Finally, before we left for Viewty Smart GC900, here is a shot of another LG Girl.


Next, Viewty Smart, GC900. This is enhanced version of previous Viewty (KU990). LG has built an intersting backdrop for this phone so that people can take pictures.


And here is the Viewty Smart GC900.


For those that like to take pictures from the phone, this may be for you.

Moving on, we head to the LG Crystal section to have a little hands on.

Here is the front view. The selling point of this phone is the See Through (Crystal?) keypad.


Here is the back view.


A close up of the 8-MegaPixels camera.


This is the specifications of the LG Crystal.


And here is me trying out the camera.


It has also FM Tuner inside. However, as with most phones, it will need a ear piece. The interface is very nice.


And here is the Giant LG Crystal.


Finally, I made a simple video highlights for the LG booth. Enjoy..