“Samsung Unpacked” Event on 15th June 2009, Mobile Phone to be Revealed

Samsung has now a website “Samsungunpacked.com” that promises to unpack a new mobile phone in 3 countries on 15th June 2009. These countries are Dubai, London and Singapore.


The clock is ticking at the site. From the above picture, we can only see a camera lens, a battery, a earphone jack (?) and some buttons by the side. Everything on this phone is unknown.

There is a contest right now.

Enter Unpacked

Watch it here from June 10-15.

Sealed within a multi-layered box, the top-secret new Samsung Mobile phone will be passed between people in London.

Each day, one person will be selected to unpack a layer of the box, winning the new Samsung Mobile phone in the process.

The box will then be passed on to the next person, and so on – until 15 June, when one lucky person will reveal the phone to the world at the Samsung Unpacked launch event.

Along the way, someone will also win the $5,000 grand prize.

Watch the Unpacked videos from 10 June.

In Singapore, it will be launched at Changi Exhibition Centre. Enter the contest now. I did!


Click Here to go to the Official Website