LG Launches Online Teen Text Translator – DTXTR, Parents Rejoice

Do you have problem understanding your teens text message? Or have you thought of texting your children with the same terminology that they use? If you have these thoughts, DTXTR (Dee-text-er) is for you.

DTXTR is an initiative from LG. It translates those difficult to understand SMS jargon into English language.


It even has a glossary page to decipher all those text messaging terms.


From the website:-

What is DTXTR?

Four out of five teens today carry a mobile device – using it to instantly connect with friends and family, play games and get online. New trends show that texting is on its way to becoming more popular and important to teens than voice-to-voice calling. In fact, 42% of teens report that they could text with their eyes closed!

Keeping up with your teen can be exhausting, especially when they appear to be conversing in another language – which is where DTXTR comes in. LG is committed to providing parents the interactive and collaborative DTXTR resource so you can decode your teen’s texts, and stay on top of the texting trend.

LG Mobiles Phones considers LG DTXTR an educational site and credible resource. Please be aware of the adult language and recognize that the glossary may have offensive nature.

You can even take a quiz to see how good you are de-texting those terms.

Click Here to LG DTXTR