Enhanced Google Android Build from Rumored HTC Hero? – Video Link

While I am just recovering from the HTC Magic launch experience, there is now a video showing an Android built that might be an enhanced version of the HTC Hero (coming soon, maybe). The reason for saying enhanced is because in the video, the software version for the Android is still 1.5 (Cupcake).


From the screen capture above, you could see that the rumored HTC Hero build (that is running on HTC Dream in this video) is an enhanced version of the Cupcake.

In this video, it shows a few interesting (and nicer in terms of eye candy) user interfaces not seen on Cupcake. It has the nice calendar, a nice media player, a carousel page switching function on Internet browser and last but not least, a social network menu.

Of course, HTC is famous for tweaking the UI (TouchFLO3D in Windows Mobile is a good example). Therefore, it could be that the nice interface that we see here is due to the Tweak and not the next version of Android OS (Donut). Anyway, enjoy the video with the link below

Click Here to Watch the Video