This is NOT an iPhone – Video Within

This is my first encounter with a fake iPhone. However, it is marketing itself as Phone (the iPhone without the i πŸ™‚ ). Anyway, I did a few comparison with a real iPhone and I believe you know the verdict, this fake iPhone sucks!


On first look, it seems to be quite “real”. The weight and the glossy back looks quite impressive. However, the screen resolution is a big give away.


The best part is that it is trying very hard to make itself “looks” like an iPhone, including the wordings. See below.


The wording for a REAL iPhone is “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. The FAKE one reads ” Designed by Tvphone in America Assembled in China”. Haha.. quite innovative. The model are also copied,except that the A1241 becomes A1221.

When you see the keyboard, you will “faint” as it is so small. However, I must think that it should be alright as it has a stylus.


And here is the stylus plus its compartment.



Now, lets take a look at the programs. The calculator looks decent.


Don’t expect gyro sensor. It will NOT rotate. Now, lets take a look at the phone pad.


Notice that it has Call1 and Call2? That is the only good point about this phone. It is dual-SIM card and both can work concurrently. Nice… for once.

However, I must again mention. The screen resolution is very bad.


If you are still interested in this fake iPhone, I seriously must warn you that the User Experience is almost zero. It is a resistive screen (no multi-touch) and the software is skin deep only. You will see a lot of Chinese character andΒ  the games are from NES simulator and they are really NOT worth mentioning.

What OS? At that point, I just hand over the phone to the person and glad that I am holding on to my HTC Touch HD. Don’t ask me about the price. It is cheap but not worth it.

See this video and you will know.

  • DK

    Wahahahaha…. looks cool man. Too bad the games are not playable.
    Else can buy for my nephew to play.

  • maybe your nephew will give up πŸ™‚

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  • just want an iPhone that isn’t bogged down by Apple. : 0

    When will i find one!?

  • Haha.. This set is NOT from Singapore. However, if you are in Singapore, Sim Lim Square will be a good place to start your hunt.

  • tweet

    i have the fake iphone and it freezes like crazy why is that? am wondering if it the amount of music that i put on it or the vibration causes it to freeze am trying to solve the problem tho would love a reply

  • Simlim hunter

    Hey..recently i’m amazed by the fake iphone and ihave bought one myself. The screen resolution is better than that of the fake one in the video. it has extra features like TV, radio, and erm dual sim cards. Now i’m trying to sell it after a one-day experience.

    Y? It’s a total nightmare for me. I agree it’s very cheap if u compare to the real one but yeah..BUT..not worth it at all…
    first and lastly, wifi, tv, radio is really sucks..
    I’m not sure what other thing that i will find if I start to dig deeper into the phone.. havent really tried the dual sim cards function ..

    Refund is impossible and I got turned off by the china phones in the shop. I hope to find a market for that phone now….^^;..or else it’ll end up scrapped..^^;

  • HonkerBonker

    Hello Friends,Recently my friend bought for me the Ai221 phone.But the phone is unchargeable.So i don’t know if the charger is faulty / this is a dummy phone where can’t be charge.So pls advise if any of you encounter the sam pblms.Tnks

  • anwar

    We are commissioned to in Kuwait and we want to Import the device iphone 3gs We want to write an Arab
    Between 1000 to 2000 monthly

  • Patti

    I have an apple iphone model a1221 bought in Dubai and need to sell it to someone who has a use for it?

  • rubel

    i have an fake iphone the model A1221 the 1 in that vedio can any1 give me a charger please?

  • David

    Where can I find the charger for this phone?

  • David: I am not sure. My friend has already get rid of it and use the real iPhone instead.

  • Thanksfor sharing this with us!I trulylike this objectand you are given here really a superbinformation.Thanks.Keep it up.keep up the high-qualityworks.keep blogging.


    I too meed a charger/data transfer cord, one use & mine is not working.


    oops need not meed for what I do on the phone it worked good enough for the price. I enjoyed it while it was charged up. A wire broke in the cord..and here I am grrrrrrrrrr.

  • charmaine

    hi, how much was this purchased for? it looks good actually πŸ™‚

  • Jose Dias

    I bought this fake iphone. Does somebody have the user’s manual? Or where can I find it?

  • dan cook

    i can supply iphones in large quantities..write…. ARAB contact..

  • alex mejia

    Ijust got a fake iphone and i need a charger can someone tell me where can i find it?

  • ella

    hello! i need a charger for that phone!
    i don’ty know what type it is but it says model no.: A1241
    I really need it because without it i don’t have a phone! seriously desperate here! tell me where to get one or if i can buy one off of you!?

  • Joel

    hey i just recently got one of these fake iphones do u no where i can get a charger from ???

  • garinda

    hi all,
    I bought a chinese phone also, I am considering to flash or cock my mobile. Do you have any idea how to install android into my fake device?
    I try to find an usb driver, but I dont find either. Can you help me guys?

  • Angel S.S.

    i’ve got this 32gb iphone fr my aunt as present. yes, the price too cheap then the real one. she bought it during her trip to hongkong. i’ve noticed its fake by goolging the phone model. the iphone without an ‘i’ . bt, it “Designed by Tvphone in America Assembled in America”.so far it quite ok. d prob is i can send nything via bluetooth to other bt, cannot recieve any. always show ‘no device found’.. n whre i can find a memory card for this phone?

  • Henk Barendrecht

    I bought the A1221 in China from They also sell the charger -wire USB separately. $ 1.78.

  • Guillaume

    hello i m from france . i need a cable usb for this iphone . where can i buy this cable please ?