EA Need for Speed Undercover Review (Part 1) – Video Within

Thanks to HTC, I have a chance to play Electronics Arts Need for Speed – Undercover. This game is coupled with HTC Touch HD recently. However, for the rest of the people, you will need to purchase it.


First Impression

The graphics is not as good as I thought. The sound, although adjusted to max is still a tad too soft. However, this game is designed to be played in vertical or landscape mode, which I think is nice. Just turn the screen and it will adjust itself.

The Game

It has a quick race mode and career mode. In the career mode, you have some money to purchase cars and etc. I did not explore on that. I will do it on my next review. My intention is to see how smooth the graphics is and how good is the the gyro sensor gameplay.


As I am not a gamer, it is too fast to judge this game. I will let this video show you how good the game is.