Dell Swarm, 72hrs, 15 Buyers, Sneak Preview – Video Within

This is totally new from Dell. Dell, in collabration with Intel, will be launching a brand new way of Group Buy called Dell Swarm. It integrates the social network, group buy into a very interactive, real time experience of online buying.

I was invited to this Preview (because it will only be launched later) by Dell. It was a short preview but we have fun asking questions on it. More information and sneak preview of Dell Swarm after the break. Be one of the first to view it!


What is Dell Swarm?

First of all, Dell Swarm is only available in Singapore. Dell representive mentioned that Singapore is a small country and therefore Dell find it suitable to launch it here. BTW, Launch Date is 5th May 2009.

Dell Swarm is just like Group Buy. When more people buy, the product gets cheaper. However, most group buys are in forums while Dell Swarm is a very interactive and social network ready.

How it Works?

It has a few criteria. It has a countdown timing of 72hrs and limited to 15 buyers. After that (whichever comes first), Dell Swarm will close the group buy.

The pricing will become cheaper as more people buy. For the first buyer (because he/she is the first), he/she will get the biggest discount. Subsequently, when other buyers join in, the price will get even lower (although not as big a jump as the first person). What is comforting is that with the last buyer and the last price, all the people will get to enjoy the lower price (e.g. a SG$1000 product will get SG$X discount for X number of person. All will only paid the SG$X).

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Put in simply, more people more discount and all will enjoy it.

From Dell, delivery is free in Singapore.


What are the things to take note?

  • You cannot customise the product (e.g. laptop or netbook or etc)
  • Dell will need a credit card for transaction
  • It is ONLY AVAILABLE IN SINGAPORE, at this moment.
  • Normal Product price can be found at Dell website.
  • Each person can buy up to 3 units.

There will be more information as the date draws nearer. In the meanwhile, some more pictures of the Dell Swarm and remember to watch the video at the end.


Here is the video of Dell Swarm!