Say “Hello” to Singapore “Hello” Campaign!

If you are guilty of NOT saying “hello” to people that you know, or even to a stranger, there is no better time to do it this Saturday, 11th April 2009 at at Dhoby Ghaut.

Welcome to Singapore Hello Campaign which was kicked off from 5th April 2009. If you (like me and many others, I believe) are guilty of not saying a simple “hello” to someone who wish to talk to you (be it a sales person or just someone on the street), take a moment to join many others to the Hello Campaign.


500 volunteers will be stationed at Doby Ghaut to say “hello” to you. You can help by reciprocating with a simple “hello”!

A simple Hello can

Cheer you up

Tell you that someone cares

Help you make a new friend

So, click on the link to support this campaign. They hope to reach 100,000 people to support the Campaign. There are no government bodies behind this campaign. All of them are volunteers trying to make a difference. Please do your best to support!

Click Here to Support The Hello Campaign

If you have a Facebook account, click on the link to become a fan of Hello Campaign!

Click Here to Become a Fan of Hello Campaign in Facebook

How did I know about this campaign. Thanks to my friend Gina. She will be doing her part at Doby Ghaut this Saturday, together with the 499 other volunteers. Do support them!

BTW, there is a contest of who says the most “hello”. Information as below.


Take part in The Hello Campaign’s “Most number of Hellos Said” Contest!

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Step 1.  Say “Hello” to random strangers and take photos with them
Step 2. Upload them on and tag yourself
Step 3. Be the one who said the most number of Hellos and stand to win prizes!

Remember to say hello and take lots of cool pictures!

Contest ends 25th April 2009

More details at their website.