M1 to provide Pre-Paid Card for Mobile Broadband Service with Unlimited Access

M1 has become the first in Singapore to introduce Mobile Broadband Service in Pre-Paid Card format. This will be good news to traveller who would just need that few days with a good connection broadband service.


According to M1 website, you will have 3 days of access to the broadband service via mobile modem with the pre-paid SIM card at SG$18.
Here are the details.

Enjoy unlimited freedom today
With the new M1 Prepaid Broadband you can enjoy 3 consecutive days of unlimited wireless broadband access throughout Singapore via M1’s network.

With M1’s upgraded network, you can surf the Internet and email at download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps*.

There are no contracts to sign, no bills to pay later and no data limit. Just slip the M1 Prepaid Broadband Card into your phone or a mobile broadband device and take off islandwide.

If you want to use it after 3 days, simply purchase an M1 Top-Up card.

With the M1 Prepaid Broadband Card, you can enjoy:
3 consecutive days of unlimited local data usage
Access anywhere within Singapore at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps*
Convenience of short-term usage without a contract
The perfect solution for:
Travellers to Singapore who want to save on expensive hotel broadband charges
Companies that require ad-hoc broadband usage at seminars and exhibitions
Companies that require short-term broadband usage for overseas staff
* While the service is configured with download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384 Kbps, the actual bandwidth and speed experienced will depend on several factors, including broadband device/equipment used, radio conditions, network traffic and destination server.

In my opinion, if you do not have a mobile modem, this will be a setback. M1 should cater for people who do not have them. They can setup a rental service (with deposit) for these few days so that travellers or locals can enjoy the low cost of having high speed broadband service.

It will be great that future netbooks (and some of them already have it) to have a 3.5G SIM card ready slot for this service.

Anyway, finally, something new coming out from M1.

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