Singapore IT Show Highlights, What Have You Bought?

If you think that economy downturn is going to drive the crowd away from the Singapore IT show 2009, you may get a surprise at this picture. It shows people in full force trying to get into the IT show which was super crowded.What have you bought? More pics after the break.


The crowd was so overwhelming that Suntec decided to stop the escalators, ask people to come back in an hour time. But who would wanted to do that?


Anyway, after the wait and squeezing, managed to get into the IT show. Fourth floor is where most of the PCs are sold. If you are not careful, you will be fooled into thinking that your favourite model of laptops are out of stock. I have checked and asked around. Most brands are using resellers. That means that this reseller runs out of stock does not mean that the other one is also out of stock. The sixth floor are selling laptops, accessories and etc. They are where most people would love to soak into.

Highlights of this IT Shows are the laptops and netbooks. They are all over the place. The other one has to go to portable storage. There are now so many brands and the common capacity now is 320GB or 500GB 2.5-inch type. Another trend I see is the external device to play RMVB, AVI, JPG and etc.

Sony is NOT reducing price on their latest VAIO P. Here’s a shot of it.


It is very small and light but definitely not able to fit into my back pocket 🙂

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So, what have I bought?

  • Cruzer thumbdrive 16GB at SG$47.25


  • EEE PC 1000 HE with Hybrid storage plus additional RAM at SG$738 + SG$30.


  • Thomson L6 Media Center with HMDI input at SG$139


I will be doing a separate review on the EEE PC 1000HE and the Thomson Media Center. Watch out for them! 🙂